OWB Packers, LLC. and One World Cattle Co, LLC

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OWB Packers, LLC and One World Cattle Co., LLC are the latest ventures of the Brandt family-owned cattle and organic beef enterprise controlled by Eric Brandt. One World Cattle purchased a processing facility in 2016 in the Imperial Valley. Extensive renovations included the addition of a Chilean water filtration system which will significantly reduce energy usage.

OWB Packers will operate the plant. Several retail partnerships include a relationship with Costco which alone requires the addition of 60 full-time jobs. Bank of Southern California provided the line of credit needed to cover expenses during the ramp-up phase of the acquired processing facility.The Brandt family has engaged in cattle ranching, slaughtering and processing since 1945. 

They have built their business on a reputation for producing “craft” beef by raising cattle on a hay-and-corn-based diet free of hormones and anti-biotics.