United Transmission Exchange



United Transmission Exchange is an award-winning, uniquely positioned business, specializing in remanufacturing and servicing Allison Automatic Transmissions.  It is the largest facility of it’s kind in California, based in San Bernardino.

Recognized for its outstanding service, United Transmission Exchange customers include municipalities, commercial fleets, the US Military, school districts, and emergency services fleets.  In business for over 35 years, the company employs one of the most experienced staff of technicians in the industry dedicated to product excellence and outstanding customer care.

Tommy Mason owned united Transmission Exchange.  The former NFL star running back and number one NFL draft pick believed that teamwork was the cornerstone of a successful business.  When he passed away, his wife, Karen Mason, took ownership of the business with operations managed by industry veteran Adrian Downs. 

United Transmission Exchange was able to secure commercial financing with the assistance and guarantee of the Small Business Development Corporation of Orange County.  Under the guidance of President Mike Ocasio, and the staff at the corporation, United Transmission Exchange was able to establish a productive and supportive commercial lending program that recognizes the growing enterprise needs of the business.  Thanks to the new program, United Transmission Exchange, which employed 27 people, was able to add three new positions.

The benefits of such a positive lending program extend well beyond providing the company sound financial footing for meeting operational opportunities, it also supports an enhanced work environment for the company’s valued employees and supports the local and regional communities served by the thriving business.