SBDC-OC attends 21st Annual California Unified Program Annual Training Conference (CalCUPA)


SBDC-OC’s Nestor Correa, SVP/CCO attending the 21st Annual California Unified Program Annual Training Conference (CalCUPA) during the week of February 25-28, 2019. Over 2,800 Local, State, Federal environmental health, Hazmat and fire Hazmat agencies, Industry, environmental consultants and public officals come together for a week of education and networking. SBDC-OC is a conference exhibitor to promote the State’s RUST financing program. 

The State of California Water Resources Control Board (CWRCB) regulates any type of fuel storage facility i.e. gas/fuel stations wherein tanks are stored underground that potentially could adversely impact the water table below the ground should a fuel leak occur. CWRCB created a state fund called RUST (Removal or replacement of Underground Storage Tanks) to address this environmental concern whereas traditional bank lenders are unwilling to finance due to the environmental risk associated with any possible remediation to the site. The program offers low interest rate loans (1.8% fixed) with 10 or 20 year repayment terms to gas/fuel station owners to replace and upgrade equipment to be compliant with current State Water Board regulations.

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